Exclusive: Chasing Atlanta Editor An’Darrio J. Abrams Hated Just Nico From Day One And Got Him Fired


A close source from Just Nico team said An’Darrio J. Abrams current editor of Chasing Atlanta hated former executive Producer Just Nico from day one. The source said Nico came on board trying to make the show into Little Women of Atlanta because of his relationship with lifetime. An’Darrio J. Abrams and production team allegedly had a meeting about Nico future on Chasing Atlanta An’Darrio said during the meeting according to my source that he will not continue to work with Nico and Nico replied with this statement I don’t want to work with a low budget editor and due to extreme pressure according to my source Kevon Burns had to pick who will stay and he pick   An’Darrio to stay on board and Just Nico was given his walking papers.


Chasing Atlanta Producers Ended Just Nico Music Career


Just Nico from Little Women of Atlanta music career is officially over all of his music has been deleted rumor has it cast member  Skye Valentine and all of the producers’ team of Chasing Atlanta went on a campaign on ending his music career. Many of you guys know Just Nico as the executive producer of Chasing Atlanta but due to him allegedly being difficult to work with his relationship with Chasing Atlanta production has ended.

Video: Fly Young Red Said He Is Not Worthy To Headline Over Remy Ma


Fly Young Red gave a heartfelt interview to The Wiley Show. Check it out below.




VIDEO: Fly Young Red Attack The Wiley Show


Fly Young Red is on a campaign to destroy The Wiley Show he is calling him through a third party Armon Wiggins. Due to the extreme words from Fly Young Red audio recording has been captured of Fly Young Red check it out below.

Recording Artist “Martel Star” Talks His New Album #WelcomeToEmeraldCity & More


Recording Artist Martel Star came on The Wiley Show to talk about his latest album Welcome To Emerald City and to talk about hit web series Twisted. Check out the interview below.

DJ Rudeboy Only Play His Close Friend Openly Gay Artist Fly Young Red Music Other Gay Artist Get No Spins From Him


DJ Rudeboy has not been playing fair to the LGBTQ Openly Gay Artist community he is still promoting only one gay artist thanks to The Wiley Show that artist is Fly Young Red. Openly gay artist Fly Young Red still haven’t released an album as of yet, and DJ Rudeboy is ignoring many LGBT Artist that has albums out like Darius Hill, Kerry D, Pretty Boy Rich, Aki, The Most, Damien Crawford, Martel Star, The Freaky Boiz and so many other artists.

DJ Rudeboy Fan Greg Gipson Said “Gay Artist Are Dumb”


Greg Gipson one of DJ Rudeboy biggest fan made a comment on facebook that Gay Artist is dumb S**t. The reason why he said that is because the creator of TheWileyShow.com is on a campaign supporting of LGBT artist and calling out DJ Rudeboy, Kirk Myers, PJ Moton, Dallas Southern Pride. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=217339282344177&set=a.196055114472594.1073741834.100022043208925&type=3&theater&comment_id=217344289010343&reply_comment_id=217352272342878&force_theater=1

I will keep you updated as this story developed.