Tyler Perry is a great film maker but I feel he don’t get enough credit from the African American community. Tyler Perry took all of his shows to the OWN network. The reason why I say the African American community lack in giving Tyler Perry his credit because they don’t research his accomplishments. Tyler Perry is the first and only African American to own a production studio. He is also the only producer that writes roles just for African Americans Actresses and Actors.



        I feel the African American need to stop with all the hate towards Tyler Perry work. One of the biggest things I hear from the community they say OMG Tyler Perry movies are so poor written and predictable. They always say Tyler Perry write roles about emotionally beaten black women and men. I always tell people that come to me speaking bad about Tyler Perry work, please don’t support him if don’t like his work. People can say what they want about Tyler Perry new show Have and The Have Nots  was seen by 1.8 million viewers on OWN.That was a record for the OWN network so congrats Mr. Perry and Oprah Winfrey.  

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