THE TRUTH ABOUT Fuckn Arrogant Boiz (F.A.B) @fabboyent

F.A.B stands for (Fuckn Arrogant Boiz) which are a group of united working college gay/ bisexual males who has a sense of culture, patriotism, and honor in a bond of fraternity. They all are very attractive men that grown into an empire which originally started from just throwing parties for the gay community. The parties which took place in Chicago, were very sicknan and quickly grasp the attention of the LGBT community not Chicago but across the Midwest as well. People have been yearning for more events, but the group has taken a break from the scene to complete education and career goals.  Some people criticize them because they don’t let many people in their group or what people call now a days circle. Hell they didn’t let me in LOL but F.A.B. is somewhat like a fraternity. You have to meet strict requirement’s to be consider a member. 

One member that I admire out of the group is Reese which is one of the Founders and President of F.A.B, he is so intelligent and very settle, it is rumored he don’t play when it comes to F.A.B. A source told me that he didn’t want me in the group LOL. 

But nevertheless I still am a supporter of F.A.B. Take a look at the pictures below and Follow F.A.B on twitter and like their Facebook page. Twitter: @fabboyent & Facebook: Fuckn Arrogant Boi’z 

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