VIDEO: Stahr Milan Admitted He Had Sex With His Gay Kids King Milan & Tahj Milan

LipwZrptYoutube blogger Stahr Milan did a interview with The Wiley Show and he drop a bomb shell. Wiley asked him did he have sex with his gay kids and he said Yes. And added that he had a threesome with them as well. To listen to the shocking interview Watch it here: 


3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Stahr Milan Admitted He Had Sex With His Gay Kids King Milan & Tahj Milan

  1. This interview is misleading. They never said they were RAPED…! They stated that Stahr took advantage and they felt obligate to sleep with him. I watched all three videos. Thaj, King and Stahr. I believe the kids. If he was a parental figure to these kids, (underage at the time) why have sex with them?


  2. I only listened to a couple minutes of this fuckery! I believe king and Tahj %100 . Who lies fluently like that? why would king expose himself being on drugs ? Real eyes realize real lies ! Something in my heart tells me that king is telling the truth. Of course they didn’t say anything because they needed a place to lay their heads! It’s like living with your actual parents . You not gone say shit because it’s their house and their rules . It’s shame cause I was big fan of stahr and I ignored the rumors but now I see the true Him.


  3. I am so disappointed . I was starz fan and I loved him. I am unsubscribing from his channel. ” As an Adult” he should of been a father figure 4 those boys. He instead slept with them. Really? I am all set with him after this


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