Pornstar King B Was Homeless & Jobless. Where Was His Friends?  

So sad he passed away with no money and no job. I am angry that none of his friends helped him out. This gay scene is not worth losing your life for. If you are in need go seek help.


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  1. KB had friends…Me being 1 of them…for the record he had just found a Job and was excited about it…We had plans that he would come stay with me until he got back on his feet.


  2. Yea this Mr Chestnut was a good soul I went to school with him…a few years a head of him the last I seen him about 3 years outside Rain in Atlanta.. tho it’s been since we caught up its still just shocking that he is gone this early.


  3. I took Mehran (King B) into my place and had given him money several times and did all I could to help. Three weeks ago he reached out to me and I’m sad that I never returned his call. I never judged him just se of those so called friends he was around. He left my place the end of July after being there for only two weeks. I would even pick him up from work before he got fired. It hurts me because he went through so much. I’ve witnessed him going through a seizure once. My heart pains for him as it could have easily been me in that situation. I just regret not returning his last phone call.


    1. We only can help people so much brother. We as African American same gender loving brothers are broken, hurt, and sad. I live, work, and my purpose is to help my brothers, but sometimes our wounds are so deep. The only person can help the individual in spirit, because it’s the inside that’s damage while we focus on the outside. The outside is what the world can see, but they really don’t matter.


  4. May his soul rest in peace. It is always sad when a young person dies since they are still trying to find their way through this maze call life.


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