Lil Mama :Work remix

Lil mama is back!! With the remix nobody asked for…..who told lil mama this shit was ok?……dont get us wrong shes a dope rapper ….but girl no! the rapping part of the song was ok wassnt bad BUT THE SINGING ….ITS DREADFUL ! Why ?? …just why? That shit was soooo horrible it made u say”ummmm wtf”

And idk what the hell kinda dancing she was doing but she look like she had to take a mean shit trying to be sexy dancing with a look on her face like she killing it #girlbye And after the singing it just cuts to rihanna singing….

Like wtf was the point ?? We do believe lil mama is talented and should do more acting because her performance in the tlc biopic as lisa lefteye lopes was dope! But music like this wont get u nowhere.

Your thoughts??


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