For years there has been questions- as to whether or NOT Nicki Minaj has been bleaching her skin. Well the latest images make it pretty clear – that she HAS BEEN. If you look at the comments on Nicki’s Instagram – where the pics are located – everybody notices ….but whatever the case u better work that fake body while u can… a few years that ass gonna be so stiff and weird looking, yea it may look good now but years from now but its going to look gross when shes older . IMG_20160305_125939IMG_20160305_130019IMG_20160305_125921


One thought on “Nicki Minaj BLEACHED HER SKIN?

  1. Off course she bleached. Just like K.Michelle and Beyoncé. Such aan bad example for little black Girls. They want to transcend in being white women so bad its sad. Meanwhile screaming blacklives matter. Self hate is a nasty thing.


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