CHILE . . . We Got The TEA . . . On What Is REALLY GOING On Behind The Scenes At TIDAL . . . And NO Samsung Is NOT Buying Them!!! (Do You Think They Will SURVIVE . . . Or FLOP??)

A lil birdie sent us and other media blog outlets  TEA about what’s going on with TIDAL. To make a long story short, Samsung is NOT buying the company – Tidal is in SERIOUS financial trouble – but they have a deal with Samsung that MIGHT help the company.

In all, we don’t want Jay Z’s first major solo business venture to fail. Hopefully they get it together over there, cause it sounds like a lot of f*ckery.

Ok, ………So here is the latest behind the scenes news as far Tidal is concerned.

It is true that Tidal is up for sale….already. Tidal representatives have begun contacting all the Major Streaming services informing them that the business officially is up for sale , they are soliticing Bids. The MEDIA SPIN that Major Corporations like Samsung, Spotify ect; or anyone else, have expressed an interest in Buying are NOT TRUE

There have been NO OFFERS to buy. I will say correspondence in private meetings , about the going price of what ANY Major would pay is LESS than what was put into Tidal. An embarrassment to say the least, and a ‘Tidal ‘ wave a lawsuits waiting to happen,” Pun ” intended

In the Market Place , Tidal is essentially admitting defeat and” giving up” Market Share . To date Tidal has only increased its subscribers by 500,000 despite a rooster of celebrity ” owners” and ‘ EXCLUSIVE’ releases from TOP CHARTING ARTIST, Rihanna , Kanye, and Beyonce . (By comparison Apple already has 10 Million ) In addition a significant portion of the new Tidal subscribers actually came from “accidentally” illegally reactivating dead accounts of people who were given free trials but declined to subscribe

Tidal has been bleeding money. The primary Investment Group Universal, Sony, Live Nation,Warner, had hoped to use Jay Z and Beyonce and their popularity and influence in Pop culture as the Branding Face of Tidal to attract millions of customers.

THE PRIMARY REASON BEHIND THE FORMULATION OF TIDAL WAS TO CREATE A RECORD LABEL , “INDUSTRY OWNED ” STREAMING SERVICE …….NOT “ARTIST OWNED” AS PORTRAYED IN THE MEDIA . The ARTIST OWNED concept is a DISGUISE, ** in Truth** it was to Influence Artist and Customers AWAY from Privately owned Streaming Agencies. Because Streaming is the FUTURE of music sales. The RECORDING INDUSTRY MAJORS need to keep CONTROL, of MUSIC SALES.

The Future? …..well Samsung has begun working on adding Tidal as preloaded software to be included with the special release of a new phone. This is the hush hush deal the Media has been speculating about as “Samsung in talks with buying Tidal” .

Not a purchase of Tidal but a partnership deal that would combine Samsung Cell Phone Customers and Tidal Subcribers. This potential deal still in the works and in a testing phase BUT it could potentially increase Tidal Customers. There would be exclusive Tidal Content (Music Exclusives) for Phone Owners . There is also talk of Exclusive access to a much talked about Double Album from……..Guess Who …….???

Could the PROPOSED Samsung Deal save the day for Tidal? Would it translate to an increase in Value of Tidal for potential buyers?………we will answer that helllllllll NO AINT NOBODY CHECKING FOR NO TIDAL LOL


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