Looks like NYC’s two hottest radio stations are going at it again! You see, this past Thursday was Ebro’s 41st birthday, so he carried the celebration into work with him the next day where he drunkenly came for Charlamagne Tha God! Lets just say The Game’s drunken rant last week about 50 Cent’s Effenvodka has nothing on this!

He began, “I just heard a story about people in radio suing other raido hosts. If y’all don’t sit y’all b*tch a**es down!” It really just got ugly from there… Next, the DJ called out The Breakfast Club for trying to get free promo in the wake of DJ Star and The Game’s lawsuit last week and alleges that there isn’t even a real lawsuit!

For whatever reason, Laura Stylez decided to initiate a game where she along with DJ Rosenberg and Ebro shared secrets that they’ve never shared with each other on air. When it was Ebro’s turn, he let us have it!! “The biggest secretI ever kept from y’all was that last year, Charlamagne was renweing his contract at iHeart Media [but] he was trying to get a job with Hot 97. So, he was pitching himself to Hot 97 so he could leave the Breakfast Club.”

Darden went on to allege that the whole thing just was a stunt for Charlamagne to get more money, but oh, wait. Ebro went back in and said, “He went as far as telling us that he was gonna leave them and bring a new morning show over to Hot if they would get rid of Ebro in the Morning.” Then, Rosenberg decided to be messy and asked, “What about Envy and Angela?” to which Ebro replied, “He didn’t seem to care about that!”

Y’all can get into the mess below!

Form the looks of his Instagram, it looks like Charlemagne caught the shade! Do you guys think so or do you think he’s just being Charlamagne? A MESS


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