So apparently one bitter Manhattan woman is suing her ex sugar daddy for $1.5 million after leaving her and taking his coins with him! Chile, if I had a penny for every time an ex told me they’d stay forever I’d be filthy rich!! She definitely needs to build a bridge and get over it!!!…

Anyways, according to the NY Post, 42-year-old Leggy Czech Daniela Zahradnikova says she and her old boo (no pun intended) 86-year-old Henry Buhl had made an agreement that as long as she fulfilled her “wifey duties” she would be financially set for life… welp we guess forever doesn’t last too long because he wants her out!

Thats because Buhl has found someone else to fill Zahradnikova’s shoes and he doesn’t fill comfortable bringing in the new without getting rid of the old. “I don’t want to have an old girlfriend living here while a new one moves in,” Buhl told The Post. “She’s waiting until we eject this Daniela.”


Well clearly Daniela doesn’t want to leave without a fight! She says she kept her end of the bargain which included, “cooking, cleaning — and plenty of sex” as stated in her lawsuit which she filed yesterday so its only fair that he keeps up his.

Buhl apparently swept Daniela off her feet one day while she was working as a waitress at the Mercer Hotel and were an item ever since then. She specifically fell in love with his “philanthropic deeds” …in other words she got herself a very financially giving man!


Well Buhl is saying that it was fun while it lasted but he has to move on, “I’ve given her free rent for a long time, for about 10 years . . . It never worked.” Lord, nothing surprises us anymore nowadays!

Should he pay up or should Daniela find a job?


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