Katt Williams definitely has people wondering about his sanity after his latest assaults — especially his family! In fact, they’re so concerned that they have been talking about having him hospitalized!


So while the family is concerned with his mental state, Katt claims they’re just after his money!

He says after the video surfaced of his brawl with that 17-year-old, his family suggested that he get professional help. But apparently this isn’t their first attempt to get him out away. He says they’re so adamant with their efforts because they’re “broke b—–s.”

There’s always two sides of the story and the families side is that Katt genuinely needs help and that’s the root of their concern.

According t TMZ, a source shared that earlier this month, during a raid, Katt was found “naked and covered in chocolate.”
But Katt doesn’t see anything wrong with his lifestyle. He says it wasn’t just chocolate –it was whipped cream too and it was there because he, “likes a bitch to lick it off him before he gets f***** to sleep.”

Who’s side y’all on!?


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