summer is around the corner!!! and you know what that means…new opportunities. You might just find a new boo! Maybe you and your partner didn’t make it through cuffing season, or you’ve been single for a while. Either way, it’s a chance to start fresh.
There’s so many ways to meet people nowadays with online dating, meeting out, or getting hooked up. However you find your potential boo, there are things you should NOT do on your first date!
As simple as some of these rules may seem, you will be surprised how many people fail at first dates by not knowing the DONTs. Check out my top eight things men and women should NOT do on a first date below:

8. Don’t Brag About Yourself

No one wants to be around a bragger. Bringing up how much money you make, makes you look like you’re self-centered. I had a date once where all the guy did was talk about his salary, his cars, and the people he knew. #NotImpressed

7. Don’t Entertain Other Men Or Women

When you’re on your date you should be focused on your date only! No wandering Eyes! Don’t check out the guy or girl across the way. This includes flirting with waitresses or waiters, a big NO NO! Nothing is a bigger turn off than lack of attention! #DontWasteMyTime2016

6. Don’t Be On Your Phone

Yes, we are basically attached to our smartphones but it’s no place for a first date. The most annoying thing is when you  try to get to know someone and they’re looking down at the their phone. SUPER RUDE! If you have kids or a babysitter, kindly let your date know that you will have your phone on the table just in case of an emergency, but leave it there don’t pick it up. Checking your IG or favoriting a Tweet can wait.

5. Don’t Give It Up On The First Date

Now I’m not here to judge anyone. If you feel like chemistry is there and you want to get your freak on so be it. BUT if you are really interested in the person, it wouldn’t hurt to hold off a bit until you get to know them better.

4. Don’t Drink Too Much

First dates can be awkward. You don’t have to be stiff, have some drinks but know your limit. Maybe you want to loosen up and after a few drinks you are funnier and more charming. Cool. Just don’t over do it. #KnowYourLimit

3. Don’t Be So Serious


This is a first date and we know you want to make a great impression. That doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself! This isn’t a job interview! Just relax and have a good time. #WhySoSerious?

2. No Marriage Or Baby Talk

No matter how much you like the person you’re out with don’t talk about major future relationship topics like marriage and having children. You don’t even know them or if you’ll be having a second date yet! Dating is one step at a time and you don’t want to make your date feel anxiety or uncomfortable prematurely. #DontScareThemAway

1. Don’t Talk About Past Relationships

Your exes should stay where they are…in the past. You shouldn’t be dedicating a “This is Why My Ex And I Broke Up” segment to your first date. All this does is tell your date that you are clearly not ready to be on the dating scene and have not moved on. If you’re asked, keep details to a minimum and don’t make it a major topic.


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  1. Pretty much every serious relationship I’ve had has been from blacking out and waking up in the bed next to them having had sex. Or at least having sex early on. If the guy is nice and you get along, they don’t seem to mind knowing how the sex will be off the bat

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