now some peoples comments on this pic are crazyyyyyy saying They’re in a public bathroom blah blah…….but to be honest  it looks like  they got y’all mad. so Goal accomplished, congrats America for once again falling into their trap. Y’all haters are the reason they’ll always win we LOVE IT! … at belmontradio got nothing to say shid they rich if u got the body why not show it off why do people care lol i dont think at this point kim gives a flying fuck what yall think u cant hate her for making it big for sucking and fucking on tape ….yall did it for free and cant get a text back and some of yall show your boobs on instagram and dont even put a scratch on  the internet …… this point this is her hussle  and she getting rich off of it ……….IF U GOT IT FLAUNT IT.


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