Last week, we reported to you guys that Cynthia Bailey confirmed that her marriage to Peter Thomas was not in a good place. We’ve been waiting to hear Peter’s side and it looks like they are on one accord…kinda. One thing for sure is that he feels as though if he and Cynthia were no longer on the cast of RHOA, their relationship would be a lot stronger.

Speaking on the abundance of failed marriages on the #RealHousewives franchise with #Power98fm, “I don’t see any relationships on any of the #RealHousewives shows, outside of Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, where it actually worked for them.” That’s when Power98’s Vonyetta asked Thomas to clear the air about his marriage to wife, Cynthia after reports that things may be headed south.

“My marriage is definitely in a place where I don’t need it to be.” He explained that due to the fact that they were the only couple to actually be married on the show, their relationship became a bit of a whirlwind and prevented them from spending quality time together. They didn’t even get to have a real honeymoon! “We’re working 18 hours a day, so we never really get to spend time together and after 6 seasons on the show, we’re just not there with each other. Everyone tells me, ‘Oh, you’re going through the 5-year thing’. My wife might be going through the five year thing, but like I’ve always said. When I went before God and said ‘I do’, I meant it.”

Peter had also addressed the issue that he has with fellow cast-mate, Porsha Williams and needless to say, he did not hold back. Yikes! “She does not have the resume that Cynthia Bailey has. This is one of those girls that was bred to go and get the cat with money. No education whatsoever, she just looks pretty and goes and get the [rich guy] and shows her ass.” He then called her a T-H-O-T for preferring to go on expensive trips with whomever she desires.

Hmmm what is getting into Peter?

Check out the interview below!


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