VIDEO: Anthony Weaver & Jaylen Sex Tape


I want to say anonymously that Anthony been positive since 2008 so he aint just found out a fucking thing. Hes a filthy fucking liar. Now jaylen has a go fund me page but because he being a chicken shit and not speaking up for himself he dont deserve shit. The go fund me shit is a money scam because here in Dallas everyone knows Parkland hospital offer free HIV care period. Neither one of them have real jobs so they qualify for everything. They are stupid and anyone that is still supporting them are fucking stupid. They are definitely HIV positive but they dont deserve peoples hard earned money for shit they are gonna get for free anyway. They are using this HIV shit to play on peoples heart and its not cool. They are bringing shame to all people with HIV. There are people all over the world with HIV that are living normal lives taking care of their business. Dont let these fucking bums get away with this weak ass shit. If they can have go fund me accounts everybody with hiv should have one. They wasnt asking for help making them nasty ass sex tapes. Anthony put out something on that boy everytime he try n leave him n go back to his baby mama and 2 children. Thats the only reason he exposed that and thats not love thats pure evil. He destroyed himself to make sure he destroyed Jaylen. That is hateful n that is cruel. Especially wen people in Dallas know he been positive for years before this! Thats why u dont see nobody defending him. Everyone in Dallas knows this!!!!



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