Shirley Caesar & Kim Burrell Hate Gay People

Kim & Shirley shouldn’t be preaching because they are women…. I thought women were supposed to be at home cooking, cleaning, and having babies, according to the Bible. Now, you may be probably at home ready to beat my behind for saying that, but now they can see how it feels. Kim allegedly has gay background singers and gay stylists. Pastor Caesar was a part of the Gospel group, The Caravans. Throughout the years, lesbian rumors was very heavy in the group (allegedly). Women preachers need to keep their mouths off of gay men. Kim & Shirley used gay men to help them with their music & style. It’s so wrong to damn folks to hell and use those same folks to sell records. Both Kim & Shirley need to have several seats! The church need to be more welcoming to all people. Also pastors across this country shouldn’t preach against homosexuality if they allow members of the LGBT community to sing in the choir, lead praise & worship, preach in the pulpit, among many things. I do feel sorry for Kim Burrell or Shirley Caesar because are in gospel industry where gay people are heavily involved in their careers. They maintained their silence publicly about it.
Written by: Wiley & Angelina Nordstrom 


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