Is Armon Wiggins A Cyber Bully ? 

Famously known for Recording Live in a secret location, the Biggest challenge for Armon Wiggins is how he can stay true to his brand without being labeled as a cyber bully. 
Armon Wiggins had a great year in 2016 as he uncovered the Keith Taste Dupree Scandal where it was admitted that Dupree had unprotected sex that was caught on tape. That video alone received over 40,000 views as well as over 700 comments. He also interviewed the gay boys from ATL that were suspected of assaulting a lady at a gas station. Immediately following that interview, they were arrested. I can go on & on about Armon Wiggins and his success, but let’s talk about controversy. 
He announced on his Facebook page that he will be covering the story of a popular Nashville drag queen that was murder at a truck stop. And many of the drag queen’s friends rallied to get Armon Wiggins Facebook page shut down because they feared he would make a mockery of the situation. 

The majority of the comments was in support of Armon Wiggins’s commentary, but some comments were fueled with anger. Immediately following that video, he was blocked for 30 days from Facebook. 
2017 has not been good for Armon Wiggins as he had recently released a side by side video on Jacob Kohinoor dress as drag queen. And Armon has been receiving a lot of backlash from that video. Even Jacob wrote a subliminal post on his Facebook page.

I think Armon Wiggins has great potential he has over 33,000+ followers on Facebook, obviously he has a following. But in order for him to go to the next level he is going to have stop discussing controversial gay topics. Every time he gives heart to heart tell like it commentary he gets blocked on Facebook for 30 days. To some he is a bully but to me he is a great Internet personality. I mean who really want to watch a video about peace & love every day. Everybody can’t be Iyanla Vanzant on the internet! But do I feel Armon can change it up a bit? Yes. Do I feel like he is a bully? Hell no. It’s the same way that I don’t feel like Wendy Williams is a bully. it’s entertainment, people. I am going to release a post on 5 things Armon Wiggins could do to go to the next level.


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