Tamar Braxton is rebuilding.The last two years have been rough for the 40-year following a life threatening illness, a poorly performing album, and an acrimonious departure from ‘The Real.’
More recent times have seen things on an upswing for the starlet. Case in point her newly inked a production deal (for a new talk show) with Steve Harvey.
Now, word on the curb is that Braxton’s music career has had an interesting development.
Full story below…
According to a new report, the outspoken singer has left Epic Records – the label under which she released 2013’s ‘Love & War’ and 2015’s ‘Calling All Lovers.’
Ms. She, Me, Her will apparently be heading to eOne (the biggest independent label in the US) for her future releases.
The reported price tag? Almost $1 million. Although the specifics of the deal (namely # of releases, et al are unknown).
Per the same report, Braxton “believes in her talent and wanted to be compensated accordingly.”
And though unconfirmed, it appears eOne agrees.
Interesting to see so many names veering the indie route.
Perhaps, the success of acts such as Chance The Rapper has folk looking to go it alone without the muscle of the major label machine.
Indie isn’t for everyone, but Tamar has what many don’t – namely a dedicated fanbase and other promotional platforms such as reality TV.
Your thoughts?


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