11:00 A Blessed Man & Woman Shall Discover Their Purpose…: Min. Louis Farrakhan “Speaks” Saviours Helper 11K views 11:36 Ilyasah Shabazz on Her Father Malcolm X’s Murder and Farrakhan djvlad 228K views 26:13 Prophet Muhammad Never Originated Islam, Islam Has No Birth Record Or Ending – Farrakhan “Speaks” Saviours Helper 32K views 56:22 Men’s View Point FULL Podcast: Why Do Men Leave Women Who Treat Them Like Kings? Brother Ben X 18K views 16:55 4 tips to being a real man in relationships – Louis Farrakhan Brother Ben X 30K views 13:51 Farrakhan on Dave Chappelle & Hollywood Pushing Homosexuality Ahmad770 368K views 20:00 The Human has No Right To Be Frightened… Minister Farrakhan “Speaks” Saviours Helper 16K views The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan – A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than It’s Woman Christopher4x5477 44K views ” God has hands, feet, a mouth, and is A Man…” – Minister Farrakhan “Speaks” Saviours Helper 6.9K views Minister Louis Farrakhan on ARABS enslaving africans Brother Ben X 49K views Minister Farrakhan Speaks on the Nature of Man and Woman (1 of 2) Ahmad770 147K views Dr. Wesley Muhammad CLARIFIES “God created himself from triple darkness” response to Gino Jennings Brother Ben X 5.7K views Minister Louis Farrakhan Teaches On ENVY Brother Ben X 1.8K views Messages To Woman by Minister Louis Farrakhan Saviours Helper 114K views ”The Evolution From Man Into God” IRONMUHAMMAD68 13K views Minister Louis Farrakhan : No Good Men Lead To Homosexuality


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