Controversial Blogger Tasha K Need To Apologized To Cardi B

tasha k

The YouTube streets has been extremely messy these days, thanks to Tasha K interview with Cardi B Alleged Ex Roommate Star Marie. Controversial blogger Tasha K is under fired from the blogging community and Cardi B because she interviewed Star Marie with out getting Cardi B side. Star Marie said some off the wall stuff about Cardi B saying her apartment was dirty and roach infested and Cardi B has herpes.


Tasha K didn’t ch allege Star Marie at all she allowed her to lie on Cardi B with no evidence to back up her claims. After the interview was tape many of Cardi B fans was saying where is the hardcore proof that there was no respond from Star Marie. The YouTube blogging community has attacked Tasha K because they feel she did an extremely biased interview with out probably venting Star Marie story, so with that being said Tasha K went on a YouTube tour to clear her name. She went on The Armon Wiggins Show and she said I am Biased blogger and I am about covering celebrity gossip. During that interview she has not apologized to Cardi B.


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