According To Maryland RECORDING Laws S Hutchison Is Breaking The Law (EXCLUSIVE)

S Hutchison have been releasing private phone conversations on her YouTube page. So I did some research to make sure was it legal for her to do so and here what I found out check it out below

Maryland is one of eleven US states that have two-party, or all-party call recording laws. This means, everyone participating in the conversation must give their consent before any communication is recorded.

Since S Hutchison allegedly resides in the state of Maryland she in violation of Maryland Recording law.


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  1. If it’s implied that she is recording a call it is not illegal. Through countless videos she has expressed to onlookers she records calls. If any fool spoke to her knowing this and when the table turns they wanna scream law that will not work. In law there is saying, being ignorant of the law doesn’t mean you win a case.


    1. Clearly in EVERY CALL she is posting, she has not informed the other party that she is recording their conversation. There is one call where she suggest to the other party about a recording app but she DOES NOT INFORM THE OTHER PARTY that she is recording her making a suggestion about an app does not imply anything and she is still liable for recording someone without their consent. At no time did you hear the other party say ” So…are you recording me?” so your point is moot. S_Hutchinson broke the law and is still breaking the law publishing these recordings..


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