VIDEO: T.S. Madison Said Khia Got Black Gums (EXCLUSIVE)


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  1. Ok I hadn’t heard the other video ,so let me say this it was childish ,petty ,immature Tsmadision is a big show off why couldn’t he go home by himself and say all that derogatory mess he to me acts like he needs a audience to be seen always seeing if his makeup still on he is a big joke to the gay world some one needs to tell him nigga you a damn man ,all that mess he said towards khia made no sense he talking bout her teeth and breath on other videos nigga how your breath smell with ass in your mouth and tongue and you always talking bout and you suck dick .Khia nigga so what she said something about that Mary you mama couldn’t have been. Thst great of a parent you mom and dad threw timothy out on his ass he was a prositute the nigga got robbed after oral sex with another man but when he was fucking him in the ass they put a gun to the guys head made them strip naked what if khia told how the man had his dick in your anus hole whole ok no 1 when I heard madison tell that fucking story I said you got robbed of 75 dollars two ways why was he fucking you outside like a damn animal rabbits and shit two God dont go to no motel he fucked him in broad daylight in an alley or back of one damn then I rember khia went to comfort him when he lost his brother or sister another thing khia could What
    She loved on Madison she truly madison had a lover to die of hiv not aides now he came on tv on a show sharing that he a a cook show bragging how he takes women men and he wouldn’t cook shit for me talking bout shitting on men’s dick is the best sex. To have yea shit on your man and his dick naw piss on him then he speaks of his hard dick and all that while praising the lord I’m confused . what is the nigga talking bout kha not gon get any of his gold rod so we have a nigga in a wig talking like that like khia said titties at the top dick at the bottom haha it’s all wrong and childish their real petty like grow up nigga YOU say she 63 not she young 50 or in her 40s but all that shit madison said was wrong his ass live in a raggedy trailer,madison turned on khia when Larry Reid ,funky divnea all them gay men got in it all I’m saying stop this shit stop the madness and khia is a roaster been doing the cracking on folks a while madison just wants to show off he know how khia is she say shit and don’t care somebody got to be the bigger person madison is doing to much fake ass titties and can yall leave the children out of this and parents period I’m like Wiley leave me family out of it cause it’s crazy.


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