YouTube Stephanie Said S Hutchison P**** Is Loose As A Goose (EXCLUSIVE)


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  1. VS video ok now i find it had she speaks of disrespect when isnt it disrespectful to mock a funeral two and she spoke of her life as a young girl said her dad was a preacher so the dad is that the real dad cause offsite April said she was molested by her dad or brother she said she made it up about the brother and it was said that VS doxed alex put him on craigslist saying help my husband trying to kill me if you want to help or care or some mess that i would not have fell for say VS put his house and address in an ad she put out lies on Shawn Bradley to me her and Quanny do the same thing like quanny some how finds your location gets on a plane to come to your house damn now my thing is what fool would go to someone house how you know they dont have something waiting for you damn they play dangerous.So did Kelly and Jwilson fuck suck or what thats what you mean catfish right who was the catfish ,i know one thing Kelly got nice buns i love when he twerk did the nigga say we get blocked just for asking who fucked who mr, perfect Jwilson been to all the colleges got degrees up the wazoo nigga please ,you are a fake fraud oh since he admitted to being gay maybe he will admit he wants to smash timothy hinton aka ts madison the way he speaks of the nigga i know he wants to fuck him and what madison mean yall hoes yalls stupid i dont fuck for free now mf yes you do you let a jon lay you on your naked ass in a alley where you sucked his dick then you got robbed at gunpoint while getting fucked in the ass i will say you fuck for free the robbers got 75 dollars out o it damn you got cheated like a mf ,but brother J will pay you good out that go fund me money at the church lol lol oh yall ts called the robbers them monkey ass niggas ok what race is he see these folks knew him the prostitutes set it up could it be that happened cause god was trying to tell him something im not pleased with what you are doing timothy .


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