VS Gets Fired From Her Job (Exclusive)

The news is true that VS got fired from her job. Rumors are circulated on who call and reported her but we will not reveal no names until tonight show. I talk with VS and she in good spirits. She looking forward to continue to do great content.


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  1. Shawn got the oracle good fat ass jealous big fat bully yea how you like a mf in a wig ts madision and a gay man ZT and you always talking bout Shawn you fake ass Christian bitch and I love how Shawn roasted tittites fyebabe the fraud phony hoe,i feel like the oracle is bored and all she do is sit on her fat ass eating she makes me mad telling folks nono don’t change my narrative lady maybe if you change your subjects we wouldn’t and she claims we want to have sex with shawn all of club chat Dee and pam really if they were true they would have had sex a long time ago rhino bully bitch oracle.


  2. Aww shutchinsion has mental issues have MS all of it that, she posted big on a bulletin she gets shots for something she has five things wrong with her, All i ever said to her was ok like you shouldn’t even be operating a vehicle all those illness and meds you on and shots make you dosey, i applaud her no she never cursed me like she does yall, i told her if you don’t like Khia, michelle why you always talking about them ,hell i told her she talking about manPam, Putting people to sleep i said Mrs.. you putting me to sleep everyday ,Khia this khia that, michelle this michelle that, she apologized i told her being on here was not good for her mental health.Why because she everyday was making videos the ghetto cursing grandma ,Yea she threatened to take someone kid hell call cps see i didn’t know she had kept the kid and saw the abuse herself, now cursing grandma was somebody in her neighborhood the majority of these people are .Hell she leaves her address and tells you lets meet up to kick your ass like quanny, i told her i was done when she put that pic up of miss celiy against Shawn Bradley, said go tell your master,get this her and shawn cool now everybody mad at Quanny, and rita i was cool with both just don’t be giving out your address ,putting yourself in danger honey you cant fight everybody, Quanny you cool but to say you don’t care about folks who were raped ,who daddy raped them talking about vs Sussie thats harsh. I would never come out my mouth and say something so horrible as that nor would i think it ,Quanny you then talk mad shit about folks parents being on government assistance, really sister does that make you feel good saying the shit you say then you or April said it aint my fault your daddy or brother raped you is his taste of his dick still on your tongue. What like now Quanny asking Shawn to accept her back no you should never have said even thought to say that to VS,you and indigniness titties fye babe cracked on crackheads said most bitches on welfare their parents werent shit and on welfare sorry i never been raped my mama and daddy raised me to be a lady sorry y’all were raised by crack heads no never my grandmas were receiving aide disability all that Quanny what you did is hurt folks feelings you called dumb ignorant niggas i had to lok and was glad to see you pic with Shawn yall Quanny is totally different in person i cant believe all the names she called Shawn and he let that lady in his car he trusted her now she wants back in .


  3. S_hutchinsion was not into or after Wiley i think she felt sorry for you thought you were like her,you clearly aren’t like she doesn’t record gays conversations what you did to Dutches and Jwilson was something i can just hear his real smart with all these degrees and love blocking people ass i would have love to seen his expression ,but get this Jwilson said some guy went to the planet fitness and he said ask why they had to go to the emergency room because their anus was inflamed oh shit get that story Wiley who ass was inflamed oh shit,when it comes to Armon i wish yall could get along like him and Shawn .why yall keep saying shelly needs help damn she been under a therapist and been in hospitals i feel she needs a break from youtube .


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