J Wilson Try To Set Up The Wiley Show With Duchess Kelly Love Help (EXCLUSIVE)

I received a phone from Duchess Kelly love letting me know he will visiting San Antonio Texas to meet up with J Wilson. I immediately look at DUTCHESS strange because he know I don’t see it for J Wilson and I will never visit him. So I told DUTCHESS I’m book and busy thanks but no thanks. I would love to meet DUTCHESS Kelly love one day maybe in our common city Chicago IL.

The set up plan I think Duchess was push and pressure to call me try to butter me up to come to Apple Bee and meet up with J Wilson for clicks and views. I am going to use my likeness on 50 year old man platform that got catfish.


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  1. why is it called catfished i never looked at that dumb shit so in this video they meet up did they fuck ,suck what Wiley you sending me this info you tell me?


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