Juan & Gee Smalls #PowerCouple

View this post on Instagram #PowerCouple. I’ve heard those words uttered to us more than I can count, and it would make me cringe every time I heard it. I have always felt it to be a superficial title so it was one i’d often reject. I don’t do that anymore. Its not because of […]

VS Getting Views While SLEEPING!!! (EXCLUSIVE)

VS has taking getting clicks and views to the next level by getting her beauty rest. One of her subscribers even supper chatted her. I talk with VS about the new move and she is shock people is watching her sleep. Check out the video below.

Duchess Kelly Love Lost 300 Subscribers In One Day Due To J Wilson Meet Up (EXCLUSIVE)

Many reports I am getting that allegedly Duchess Kelly Love lost 300 subscribers in one day. Many of his former subscribers I talk to is extremely upset that he met with J Wilson. One of his day ones told me quote “Duchess got played by J Wilson I can’t support him anymore” Duchess Kelly Love […]