OWN’s Tyler Perry Sitcom ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ Delivers 1.65 Million Viewers and Builds to 1.8 Million With Second Episode

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Tyler Perry did it again with his new show Love thy Neighbor, it was a hit for the OWN network with 1.8 million viewers. So I can truly say Oprah Winfrey made a great business derision by letting Tyler Perry on her network. I really hope that the numbers continued to grow for both […]

Will Smith After Earth GOING TO BE HOT!

After Earth is coming out today I cant wait to watch it. Will Smith and Jaden Smith is great actors but I really hope it can beat out fast and furious 6. I love sci fi movies I am so glad that this film have Will Smith in it because I know he can bring […]

The Lighthouse Church of Chicago’s THURSDAY NIGHTS TOGETHER EVENT

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Thursday, May  30th (7pm) at The Lighthouse Church of Chicago’s THURSDAY NIGHTS TOGETHER event (Daystar Center, 1550 South State Street). The theme for the night is, “Ministry or Magic?” Exodus 7:1-13. This message will help folks discern when and how God is at work on our behalf so that we can fulfill God’s […]


Tyler Perry is a great film maker but I feel he don’t get enough credit from the African American community. Tyler Perry took all of his shows to the OWN network. The reason why I say the African American community lack in giving Tyler Perry his credit because they don’t research his accomplishments. Tyler Perry […]


I am so ready to watch Tyler Perry new show The Have and The Have Nots, OWN network signed a deal with Tyler Perry to write and produce material exclusively for the Oprah Network. The reason why I am so excited for this show, because this is Tyler Perry first drama sitcom. So I am […]

CPS School Closing Is Helping Black Kids?

Very interesting how there is so many post anti-schools closing… I’m not saying it’s right or wrong but I’m not going to play the black victim role! I think folks with all the opinions, especially black folks, should have been upset that the schools they teach at and/or have children at these under-performing schools should have been […]


It’s so many people contracting  STD’s in the United States of America. I ask a question if you are in a relationship and your lover gives you a STD will you stay in the relationship?  I ask a question like that on my Facebook page and the responses were “NO I WOULDN’T STAY I WOULD LEAVE ““I […]

Black Gay Pastor Starts A Church

In Chicago its not many gay pastors that’s open about their sexuality. A couple of weeks ago I joined a church that many are calling a gay church. The reason many people call it that because Pastor Jamie Frazier is a open gay Pastor. Well let me tell you that he can preached I love all of […]