Chicago Gay Pride is right around the corner and already they are fucking up by not promoting LGBT artist. I was looking at the line up at this year LGBT pride event, and all I see down my timeline and ads via email is adult porn stars and strippers.


Don’t get me wrong I love my adult porn star especially the black gay ones but when Chicago Black Gay promoters will have the courage, to book openly gay artists like Aki Bell, Darius Hill, and The Freaky Boiz to headline Chicago Black Gay Pride.


High Society Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Scott Rivers need to START RIGHT NOW booking The Freaky Boiz, Darius Hill, Aki Bell, Jacques and others at his weekly club nights. He is one the top urban LGBT DJs he needs to spin LGBT records RIGHT NOW! LGBT artist Darius Hill spend his hard earn money at High Society Entertainment club event, and they still haven’t played his record Download feat Kerry D.


Yikes! Khia Is Charging The Girls $1,000 To See Her Perform LIVE Are You Going?


Khia is all about her money she is solo from The Queens Court and she has her own show Gag Order and she is on LIVE tour. And the gurls is dragging her because the prices have been leaked to the public and it starts off with $100 to all the way to $1,000.

gag order

People will be in the building because Khia has a faithful female fanbase and they will pay $1,000 to see the Queen Khia.

Prince J’Van Release Album Track List

R&B Singer Prince J’Van Release Album Track List. He announce on his official Facebook page. May 26 his latest album Savior will be release. 


EYE CANDY FRIDAY: Martrell SupaMan Todd

martell1 martell2 martell3

Jacques First LIVE Performance #Frame Pictures & Video

Jacques is a upcoming R&B Singer. And he performed his debut single #Frame at the Jeffery Pub. I love his performance and I know he is going to go far. Check out his debut performance below. 

Preachers of Detroit IS A FOOL

I’m not the one to judge but this show will confuse and discourage a lot of people from going to church. I’m a believer in Christ and I can’t help but get upset when I see this kind of behavior and nonsense going on in some of these so called ministries. I will not be watching this show 

The Wiley Show Interviews Kevin Dozier

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Dozier on my blogtalkradio show. Make sure you all check out the interview below.

The Official Review Lifetime Whitney Houston Movie

Today Lifetime released the Whitney movie. The movie was very low budget, but the acting was okay. The movie pretty much painted Bobby Brown as a angel. Whitney Houston was made out to be an extreme drug addict and very mean person to her mom. Since Lifetime didn’t have the rights to Whitney vocals Deborah Cox did all the vocals to Whitney Houston Movie. She did a fantastic job. Overall it was great movie.

Brandy Performing Sitting on Top of the World

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