Artist To Know: Mo Siah

mosaqI found a new rapper I added to my playlist Mo’Siah he is from Bronx NewYork and can I add he is sexy. I am love with his flow and lyrics to his hit single Butch Queen Check out his video below. I also had the pleasure of interviewing him check out that interview below as well.

Butch Queen Video:


Mo’Siah interview:


Eye Candy Saturday ‘Kyle Goffney’ 

EYE CANDY FRIDAY: Martrell SupaMan Todd

martell1 martell2 martell3

Artist Spotlight: Sean Riot

Sean Riot is a upcoming Chicago Artist. Follow his official Instagram & Twitter both @SeanRiot
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Trey Songz Released Title For New Album

Even though I am not fan of Trey Songz, he released the title for his 7th album “Tremaine”

Trey Songz:  “I actually started [on Tremaine] the same time that I started Trigga, he said. “Trigga, Tremaine, Trey Songz, they all kind of been the three personalities I put into music throughout my career.”

“It’s just another layer of myself. The Tremaine album will kind of be like the base of what my career started as.  In music now, in R&B and hip hop, I feel like it’s easy to make women feel sexy and be a bad bitch, but I feel like the Tremaine album will kind of put women on the pedestal again and show that it’s cool to love, it’s cool to want to be romantic, and it’s cool to want to be in a relationship.” (Source)

The Wiley Show: Top 10 Gay Rappers

             10. Lil Bit 
                    9. Raw Footage
8. Emperor-Saafir Waheed
7. Kevin The Snobb
6. Bry’Nt
5. Sony Cobain
4. Bossy- Candy Barz
3. Ripparachie Coin’Team
2. Fly Young Red
1. The Freaky Boiz 

The Official Review Lifetime Whitney Houston Movie

Today Lifetime released the Whitney movie. The movie was very low budget, but the acting was okay. The movie pretty much painted Bobby Brown as a angel. Whitney Houston was made out to be an extreme drug addict and very mean person to her mom. Since Lifetime didn’t have the rights to Whitney vocals Deborah Cox did all the vocals to Whitney Houston Movie. She did a fantastic job. Overall it was great movie.