Artist To Know: Mo Siah

mosaqI found a new rapper I added to my playlist Mo’Siah he is from Bronx NewYork and can I add he is sexy. I am love with his flow and lyrics to his hit single Butch Queen Check out his video below. I also had the pleasure of interviewing him check out that interview below as well.

Butch Queen Video:


Mo’Siah interview:


Trey Songz Released Title For New Album

Even though I am not fan of Trey Songz, he released the title for his 7th album “Tremaine”

Trey Songz:  “I actually started [on Tremaine] the same time that I started Trigga, he said. “Trigga, Tremaine, Trey Songz, they all kind of been the three personalities I put into music throughout my career.”

“It’s just another layer of myself. The Tremaine album will kind of be like the base of what my career started as.  In music now, in R&B and hip hop, I feel like it’s easy to make women feel sexy and be a bad bitch, but I feel like the Tremaine album will kind of put women on the pedestal again and show that it’s cool to love, it’s cool to want to be romantic, and it’s cool to want to be in a relationship.” (Source)

The Wiley Show Interviews Kevin Dozier

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Dozier on my blogtalkradio show. Make sure you all check out the interview below.

Jacques Feat. Lil’Bit #Frame

Today Jacques LGBT Singer released his debut single #Frame Feat. Lil Bit. Check it out and see if you like it like I do.

Eye Candy Friday Jacques & Lil Bit

Sit Down Interview with Overall Mother Jacques Beckham

This past weekend had the pleasure of interviewing Overall Mother Beckham. She answered all the question I asked especially the controversial topic new families & ballroom take over in the family scene.Make sure you check out the interview below. 

Bottom Line: Scandal vs House of Cards, Trans Words, and Throw Dat Boi P…