@JaymalGreen Will Be A Great Mayor For The City of Chicago. #GoGreen2019 #GreenForChicago

Young people around the city want a Mayor that is young with a mindset of new & innovating ideas. City of Chicago current state under Mayor Rahm Emanuel is completely off course unemployment is too high crime is too high the wages is too low. Jaymal Green comes from a working class family I know he will work with city hall officials State of Illinois officials to help increased the minimum wage and legalizing weed.

Jaymal Green will be a Mayor with a great relationship with the activist comnunity. With that experience he will know how to handle community outcry if a protest break out regarding police misconduct & police related shootings.

His platform is progressive increasing the minimum wage, helping the mentally ill, he also supporting Chicago Police Officers getting insurance. To learn more about Jaymal Green campaign click here: GreenForChicago.com


Video: LGBT Rapper Aki Bell Still Beefing With The Freaky Boiz


VIDEO: Adult Entertainer “Shawn Foxx” Talks With The Wiley Show, In-Depth Conversation About Doing Porn, Dating & Drug Use


VIDEO: Adult Entertainer “Shawn Foxx” Talks With The Wiley Show,  they had an In-Depth Conversation About Doing Porn & Dating. It was over a 2-hour interview and Brandon Shawn Foxx didn’t disappoint he talk about everything from how he likes to have sex in the bedroom. He was so comfortable even told the world about how his blood mother found him doing porn check out the video below.



Brandon Shawn Foxx came with the tea the juice and the soda. Marquise L. Wiley the creator of The Wiley Show didn’t hold back with the thirsty ways he even claims in a joking way that he is Mrs. Foxx the wife of Brandon Shawn Foxx.


Eye Candy “Brandon Shawn Foxx”

XXRated Release New Single “G.O.A.T.”

Finally I can write about new music from XXRated, he release a dope track entitled G.O.A.T and I can’t stop listening it. He broke the word GOAT down so flawless and musically. It’s available digitally on all music stores.

Pics: Melli B & Gary LaVard

Wiley Thoughts: Chasing Atlanta Cast Episode 1 & 2 #ChasingAtlanta

Chasing Atlanta is back with entertainment & drama . I watched both first and second episodes and I was extremely entertained by the story lines. I am loving Jaylon Aaron story line of being a boss, her character never disappoints. Cameron my Chicago friend story line of battling colon cancer was hurtful to watch because he such a sweet guy. Erick another Chicago native I am really not feeling him he lack personality. I really hope he grow on me.

Devon is back to proved a point that he is a chef but the cast was reading his cooking skills i.e. Jaylon said that Devon food at last year cabin trip was nasty lol. Devon is in a relationship this season but his boyfriend already giving me bad vibes from the YouTube screen. Devon look amazing this season I hope to see him whoop up a good ole fashion dish. New cast member Guardini aka Rick Ross gay sister so messy he have already start dissing out rumors that his best friend fucking Devon and he cant cook, and saying Devon working multiple jobs.

New cast member Q Harris is one of my favorite, he is giving me sweetness and boldness radio personality and television host. He seem like he just on the show to expand his band which is a great. Skye story line is dear to me because he came on The Wiley Show and he is explaining this season his beef with Little Women Of Atlanta star Nico and why they stop work. Check out their TheWileyShow appearance below.