Arquez Making Moves

Arquez brand is strong he now have a warehouse to produce more shows for DoubleUTv. Arquez will be millionaire in the next five years. With his work ethic I can see that happening.


Bobby Kristoph Exposed

Armon Wiggins & Tasha K Is Beefing

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Its getting heated on the you-tube streets Armon Wiggins and Tasha K is now beefing. Armon Wiggins went on an  2 hour rant that is he is better than Tasha k. Armon Wiggins also said that Tasha K was dissing Lovelyti via voice memos and text messages. I am on the side of neither party, so with that being said I am not shocked Armon & Tasha K is beefing. Tasha K said via The Wiley Show she was never friends with Armon Wiggins. Tasha K went on to say her relationship Armon Wiggins was all about business and nothing more. Check out Armon Wiggins & Tasha K interview below.

Video: @KingJivesShow & Hood Evangelist Heart To Heart Conversation

Eye Candy Sunday ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Larry Nelson Lies (Evidence) He Tried To Set The Wiley Show Up!

The Results Are In Larry Nelson Lied His Daughter Tania Nelson Was Telling The Truth #Justice4TaniaNelson

Eye Candy ‘Johnnell Lyric Terrell’

Cooking With W👀👀ley

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