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VIDEO: My Husband Is On The Down-low

I had a caller to call into my show on YouTube. And she shared with my audience that she married a man that is down-low and she don’t know how to get out. I spent 9 hours with her on YouTube live check it out below.


Happy 30th Birthday ‘Sherrod Willis’

Wiley Reading Session Sister Darkness, Sister China Cabin, Sister Wilson & More 646-716-8447





Eye Candy Thursday “SoDitty”

Eye Candy “Chico”

YouTube DOWN – video streaming site not working for users all around the world

Those trying to access the video streaming site are being met with error messages.

On the desktop version users can see the website’s template, but no videos are shown.

The issue was reported by people in the United States, South America, and Europe.

Eye Candy: Kvng David

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