I Marquise Wiley WILL BEAT donaldJOHNtrump in 2020. I Marquise Wiley is ready to be your next President of The United States of America, I Marquise Wiley is ready to DO for the American people I Marquise Wiley is ready to Free American people I MARQUISE WILEY IS SO TIRED OF donaldJOHNtrump. I MARQUISE WILEY will not be going against DonaldJTrump I MARQUISE WILEY will be going against donaldJOHNtrump the secret to beat the current administration head CHILD of America is to elected GROWN MAN of America and that GROWN MAN in America is I Marquise Wiley, On November 3, 2020 I Marquise Wiley will be honored to be elected as YOUR new PRESIDENT MARQUISE L. WILEY because I MARQUISE L. WILEY CANT GO THROUGH ANOTHER FOUR YEARS OF donaldJOHNtrump #Wiley2020 #PoorPeopleParty


The Wiley Show Creator Talks Marquise Wiley About His Mental Illness

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Ditty Love Fromer Boyfriend Jabari Will Be LIVE on The Wiley Show

Tonight Urban Socialite Ditty Love will be live on The Wiley Show tonight at 9 CST call in 646-716-8447

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The Queens Supreme Court Ratings Is Still High

The Queens Supreme Court Ratings Is Still High. According to T.S. Madison facebook page the numbers is still averaging more than 100,000 views. I admired T.S. Madison drive to keep the show going after Khia left. Many people thought the show was going to end after Khia left, but due to T.S. Madison connections that didn’t happen. I will continue to suppport The Queens Supreme Court. Like my sister said Headlines lie but numbers dont I agree.

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