Eye Candy ‘Ja Pan Nation’


Eye Candy ‘Alix O’Ryan’

Eye Candy: Ditty Love Will Be LIVE On The Wiley Show At 9pm CST Call in 646-716-8447

#HumpDay ‘Neph The Prince’

XXRated Release New Single “G.O.A.T.”

Finally I can write about new music from XXRated, he release a dope track entitled G.O.A.T and I can’t stop listening it. He broke the word GOAT down so flawless and musically. It’s available digitally on all music stores.



This is Mo’nique. Mo’nique has been a professional comedian for more than 20 years. Mo’nique was one of the first Black female comedians to star in her own primetime show. Mo’nique was not the sidekick; she was THE STAR. Mo’nique was one of the first (if not the first ) depictions of single Black motherhood on primetime television – paving the way for other depictions of nontraditional Black families on TV (Half and Half, One on One, All Of Us, This Is Us). Mo’nique is an original QUEEN of Comedy – closing out that show and bringing the house down in the SAME fashion Bernie Mac did with the Kings. Mo’nique was the first Black woman to host her own late night talk show on cable. Mo’nique has a BAFTA. Mo’nique has a Screen Actors Guild. Mo’nique has an Image Award. Mo’nique has a Golden Globe. Mo’nique has an Oscar.


Mo’nique has won more awards and critical acclaim than ANY current comedian – Black or white -Male or Female -ALIVE. Mo’nique was offered 500,000 to do a Netflix special. Amy Schumer received 11M. Chris Rock received 20 Million. Dave Chapelle received 20 Million. If you were to combine the resumes of Rock, Chapelle, and Amy, their career accolades don’t even come close. Mo’nique deserves to have her name mentioned among the GREATEST to EVER do it because Mo’nique is one of the GREATEST to ever do it. If Chris get 20M, and Chapelle get 20M…then at the VERY least Mo’nique should be worth DOUBLE that. I stand with her. I stand with all Black women and Black people who have done the work, blazed the trail, and are still being disrespected. You deserve every cent, Queen. Say her name. Mo’nique is a LIVING LEGEND.#Monique #NoNeflix #AllChill

#Emmys Red Carpet 2017 

Eye Candy Saturday @Anthonywyche  

Oh No! 50 Cent Calls Up Mike Tyson To Train Chris Brown


Shit just got real 50 Cent is bringing Mike Tyson to help train Chris Brown. This is turning out to be a serious boxing match. Check out the video Below.


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