Duchess Kelly Love Lost 300 Subscribers In One Day Due To J Wilson Meet Up (EXCLUSIVE)

Many reports I am getting that allegedly Duchess Kelly Love lost 300 subscribers in one day. Many of his former subscribers I talk to is extremely upset that he met with J Wilson. One of his day ones told me quote “Duchess got played by J Wilson I can’t support him anymore” Duchess Kelly Love […]

J Wilson Try To Set Up The Wiley Show With Duchess Kelly Love Help (EXCLUSIVE)

I received a phone from Duchess Kelly love letting me know he will visiting San Antonio Texas to meet up with J Wilson. I immediately look at DUTCHESS strange because he know I don’t see it for J Wilson and I will never visit him. So I told DUTCHESS I’m book and busy thanks but […]

Zero Tolerance Lost His Man Now He Interviewing With Shawn Bradley Former Supporter Overweight Blogger Olivia The Oracle (EXCLUSIVE)

Zero Tolerance went Olivia show to cuss out his haters as well his former Shawn Bradley. Olivia is extremely upset that Shawn Bradley block get off of his platform. Now she is allegedly calling him John Gacey. Now we are here with Zero Tolerance Doing an Interview With Olivia eating too much Oracle. The volume […]

S Hutchison Has Been Flirting With Wiley Show For Months (EXCLUSIVE)

S Hutchison has been on my platform flirting with me for months. She even told me she had a husband but she continue to flirt with me. I play along with her because it was good content for my show. But after I got the tea that allegedly she is loose down there I respectfully […]

J Wilson Was Catfish That Why He Was Force Out The Closet Allegedly (EXCLUSIVE RECEIPTS)

Allegedly J Wilson was catfish that’s why he came out of closet a couple months ago check out the emails below Here is the text message between J Wilson & the guy catfish him

Say What ? Former Employee S Hutchison Got Private PHONE Recordings Of T.S. Madison DATED BACK 2 YEARS ? (EXCLUSIVE)

It’s rumored that S Hutchison got 2 years worth of recordings of T.S. Madison. Crystal King close friend of S Hutchison confirmed with VS (TSCC) that S Hutchison told her that. TheWileyShow.com can’t confirm that recordings exist we only reporting on this juicy story.