Armon Wiggins Is Back!

Armon Wiggins is back with a new layout and direction for his show. I am in love with his new direction & layout. He is now ready to take his show to the next level. Check out his latest video below


Eye Candy ‘Alix O’Ryan’

Eye Candy ‘Chris Your Hero’

Yummy! Hump Day ‘Christian Elijah’

Exclusive: The Urban Socialite ‘Ditty’ Apologize To His Ex Keenan

My friend Ditty told the world he felt bad on how he diss his ex Keenan publicly. I was so glad he wrote a heart felt apology via his social media. I hope they get back together. Check out his apology letter below.

@BrandonKarson Is On His Way To Hollywood

About Him star Brandon Karson is taking his actor career to the next level by going to acting school in California. Brandon Karson career as a actor to help build signal 23 tv to a powerful media streaming service it was his talent on About Him that made me fall in love with him.

I have to say this publicly Brandon Karson is so much bigger than web series he need to be on the big screen. So I wish his time at acting school bring A list acting gigs.

Wiley Thoughts: Chasing Atlanta Cast Episode 1 & 2 #ChasingAtlanta

Chasing Atlanta is back with entertainment & drama . I watched both first and second episodes and I was extremely entertained by the story lines. I am loving Jaylon Aaron story line of being a boss, her character never disappoints. Cameron my Chicago friend story line of battling colon cancer was hurtful to watch because he such a sweet guy. Erick another Chicago native I am really not feeling him he lack personality. I really hope he grow on me.

Devon is back to proved a point that he is a chef but the cast was reading his cooking skills i.e. Jaylon said that Devon food at last year cabin trip was nasty lol. Devon is in a relationship this season but his boyfriend already giving me bad vibes from the YouTube screen. Devon look amazing this season I hope to see him whoop up a good ole fashion dish. New cast member Guardini aka Rick Ross gay sister so messy he have already start dissing out rumors that his best friend fucking Devon and he cant cook, and saying Devon working multiple jobs.

New cast member Q Harris is one of my favorite, he is giving me sweetness and boldness radio personality and television host. He seem like he just on the show to expand his band which is a great. Skye story line is dear to me because he came on The Wiley Show and he is explaining this season his beef with Little Women Of Atlanta star Nico and why they stop work. Check out their TheWileyShow appearance below.

tupac movie news!!!the new teaser trailer for his biopic “All Eyez On Me.” is released!

Today (June 16) is Tupac Shakur’s birthday, and in celebration of the late rapper’s life there’s a new trailer for his forthcoming biopic “All Eyez On Me.”

Starring newcomer Demetrius Shipp Jr, Danai Gurira and Kat Graham, the controversial story of the life and death of one of the greatest rappers of all-time hits the silver screen on November 11th.

Back in 1996, Tupac was gunned down on the Las Vegas Strip, bringing an abrupt end to his successful musical career and a life that touched millions. Today, Shakur would be 45 years old.

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