Wiley Virtual Housewarming (DETAILS)

I finally move into my apartment and many of you requested that I get WALMART registry. I did just that here go the link https://www.walmart.com/lists/view-events-registry-items?id=a3f60e40-57c0-4f30-a821-02d086d1fa4f all donations is welcomed. I’m thanking you in advanced. Advertisements

Wiley Show In Talks Of Doing A $ex Tape With Andreas The Gre8t (EXCLUSIVE)

It’s my dream to work with Andreas In the nude. I am writing this post to let him know.


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Did Geisha1fan READ Treecey Golden Tooth ? (EXCLUSIVE)

I am loving Geisha1fan YouTube channel make sure y’all go and subscribe she is such a talent. Geisha1fan comedian timing was on point even though, she didn’t name Treecey most of comments on her video said it was Treecey. Also we can’t forget that Treecey do have a gold tooth. Check out her video below