RIP Amon Brown


Gay YouTube Preacher J Wilson Exposed

I have been silent about J Wilson but it has been reported to me that Bro J Wilson is gay. I have received multiple reports from sources and I am publicly putting it out there. I will publicly address this on my channel.

Yikes: Aaron Rogers Left Ballroom & His Facebook Friends Is Attacking Him

Aaron Rogers just announced via his facebook page he is finish with ballroom. And his former house members is dragging him.

Comments is funny.

Father Memphis Khan Talks Being In Jail, House Of Khan Future Plans


Father Memphis Khan recently got out of jail and on house arrest. He made sure to come on The Wiley Show to give him an exclusive interview. He talks about time being in jail and he also talks about why he went to jail. Check out the interview below.

Belmont Radio Exclusive Interview With Brandon Anthony 11/09 by Belmont Radio | Entertainment Podcasts

The name is Brandon Anthony. He was born and raised in New Orleans, LA on November 21, 1985 at 4:41 am. He resided in New Orleans till the age of 16. He has been acting since 3rd grade starring in ” A Sunday Morning Prophecy “. From that he knew he had a passion for acting. He took his talent and started making it a way of life at an early age. He was awarded to participate in the New Orleans Talented and Gifted Arts Program doing shows throughout his middle and high school years. He then came to the conclusion that New Orleans wouldnt be the best place for him and his craft. Brandon Anthony moved to Stone Mountain, GA, with his mother, and attended Stone Mountain High. The high school immediately fell in love with him and started casting him in roles. He still didnt feel as though he was maximazing his potential in his craft. After his departure from Stone Mountain, he later on went to attend Tri-Cities Visual and Performing Arts High School. Artist such as OutKast, XScape, Wingo, Jagged Edge, Keenan Thompson, Saycon Sengbloh, D. Woods, and Shanell (SnL)graduated from the this school. Immediately being drown into the talent that was at the school, he dived into auditioning for school plays. He was casted as a lead in his first high school production. Other shows included Once On This Island, Amen Corner, A River Niger, The Wiz, Cinderalla, and many many more. Another significant moment was a production called “Dont Bother Me I Cant Cope”, which he help the school win One Act Competition (Region and State). He was motivated to much more from then on. While being a student at Tri-Cities, he worked with a well-known Atl based director, Freddie Hendricks. He owned a theatre company called Y.E.A (Youth Ensemble of Atlanta) teaching the community about the stuggles of growing up into adulthood. He was able to perform shows such as Jekonni’s Song, Soweto Soweto Soweto, B.L.A.C.K, along with many others. He has worked with professional theatres such as Jomandi Theatre, The Alliance Theatre, and 7 Stages. When it was time to decide what he wanted to do after high school, he immediately knew that acting was the direction he had to go. He received the OutKast Scholarship, a scholarship that is given to a senior guy and girl every year. After auditioning for the major colleges and getting into all of them, he decided to take the full ride that was given to him at Chicago College of Perfoming Arts. Chicago was a place he wanted to be. After being at that instutition for one year, he didnt feel as though he was progressing as an actor. He then went to Columbia College of Performing Arts majoring in Film with a minor in Theatre Education. While attending college, he worked with some major theatre companies around town. Theatre companies such as E.T.A creative arts foundation, Fleetwood Jourdan, and The Black Ensemble Theatre, and working with his agents “Iris Talent” and ” “Geddes Talent and Modeling Agency” helped him practice his chops professionally. He graduated from college in 2008 and right after started to work around the city. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA to become a full time aowrking actor. His determination and drive will push him to make it on the big/ small screens in no time. Stay tuned to witness this star in the making… follow him on twitter:

Source: Belmont Radio Exclusive Interview With Brandon Anthony 11/09 by Belmont Radio | Entertainment Podcasts

FOC News: The Roman Guilty Pleasures 2 Party Was A Success 

  The most controversial family in F.O.C.  Had a successful event. Rumors started to go around in the Chicago gay scene , that roman party will get shut down. The most talk about rumor was some one going to shoot up the place. None of that happened thank the Lord.  

  The above picture is Jeymo the leader of the roman family thanking his supporters. Congratulations Roman family once again you proved a lot of people wrong.  


Carter 3 year Anniversary TMZ Ball (Pics) 

     I would like to wish the Carter Family happy anniversary. 

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