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YIKES! Former Porn Star Arquez Said The Wiley Show is Messy Bringing Up Rico Pruitt Name


Exclusive: Chasing Atlanta Editor An’Darrio J. Abrams Hated Just Nico From Day One And Got Him Fired


A close source from Just Nico team said An’Darrio J. Abrams current editor of Chasing Atlanta hated former executive Producer Just Nico from day one. The source said Nico came on board trying to make the show into Little Women of Atlanta because of his relationship with lifetime. An’Darrio J. Abrams and production team allegedly had a meeting about Nico future on Chasing Atlanta An’Darrio said during the meeting according to my source that he will not continue to work with Nico and Nico replied with this statement I don’t want to work with a low budget editor and due to extreme pressure according to my source Kevon Burns had to pick who will stay and he pick   An’Darrio to stay on board and Just Nico was given his walking papers.

Brandy Release A New Song Beggin & Pleadin

Right after her premiere of her new BET show Zoe Ever After she release a new song Beggin & Pleadin. Her vocals was on point and the song is a old school song. Check it out below. 

Monica To Sing at BET Players Awards : Celebrates 20 Years Of ‘Miss Thang’ Album Release


Monica will be performing her new single “Just Right For Me” at BET Players Awards. Also she posted a message on her IG celebrating 20 Year Anniversary of her album ‘Miss Thang’. Don’t to watch the BET Players Awards tomorrow night at 7pmCT/8pmET only on BET.

MOnica-Miss-Thang-20-Years-message (1)

The Stars At The BET Players’ Awards @BET

fifth-harmony-that-grape-juice-2015-19101101 jay-ellis-that-grape-juice-players-awards jesse-williams-that-grapejuice-2015-600x288 monica-that-grape-juice-players pooch-hall-that-grape-juice-2015-bet-players-awards-that-grape-juice-600x299 ray-McCallum-jnr-that-grape-juice

Tonight: The Freaky Boiz will be on The Wiley Show 

    Tonight at 7pmCT/8pmET Rap Duo The Freaky Boiz will be on The Wiley Show. You can listen LIVE on or you can listen LIVE on your phone 347-857-2773.   

The Freaky Boiz Biography 
Chicago natives Terrance ‘TtGotIt’ Wilson and Pierre ‘Prince Charming’ Phipps met and became best friends while pursuing degrees at Southern Illinois University. In 2010, after discovering a mutual love for hip-hop, they began posting videos of them free-styling over some of the hottest rap singles. “Girlz Be Gagging”, their interpretation of Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge”, is a provocative, raunchy track filled with tales of sex and debauchery. While indie gay rap has been around for years, their music began to circulate over YouTube with over 1.8 million views. They have appeared on major radio stations such as The Breakfast Club (New York City) and WGCI (Chicago), magazine articles, and performed across the United States. Critics condemn them for portraying gay black men as being promiscuous and overly sexual. The Freaky Boiz don’t seem to mind, because they embrace the controversy and continue to make provocative music. They’ve continued to produce great music and has launched their first mix tape, “Unleashed”, December 25 of 2012.
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