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Exclusive: The Urban Socialite ‘Ditty’ Apologize To His Ex Keenan

My friend Ditty told the world he felt bad on how he diss his ex Keenan publicly. I was so glad he wrote a heart felt apology via his social media. I hope they get back together. Check out his apology letter below.

Eye Candy @GioTheDancer

Video: Talk Show Host Antonio Interviews Micheal G. Riggins

Speak Out With Antonio finally release the full interview with my friend author Micheal G. Riggins. The interview was everything he was rocking his left eye t shirt. And that back drop is beautiful. Check out the interview below.

Derrick Berry Told Wiley Show To Delete His Jackd Account Before They Made Love


I was so young in the gay scene in Chicago IL, Derrick Berry hit me up on Jackd one day and hit me up for sex, and after 15 seconds I said yeah send me your address and Derrick Berry did just that. So I entered his beautiful condo and he told me before I got into the condo good he said to delete your jackd because I don’t want people knowing WE ARE IN THE SAME PLACE TOGETHER HAVING SEX. I complied because I really want to suck his uncut DICK. IT WAS ONLY LIKE A 5 MIN ORAL SESSION BECAUSE he NUTTED my HEAD IS GOLDEN. I was jagging off SO I can nut and he ordered me TO LET MY NUT TO TOUCH HIS BODY. Call in 646-716-8447 for more to the story.





New Song Cardi B – Be Careful

Cardi B new track Be Careful got her singing & rapping this is a great record listen to it below


‪@BobbyLytes ‬ Will Performed At Unity Festival & Pool Party

Kirk Myers and Dallas Southern Pride team finally book an openly LGBT artist to perform at Unity Festival and Pool Party Bobby Lytes from Love & Hiphop Miami will be performing LIVE. I am hoping they add more openly gay artist to the line up.