My Uncle & Former Pastor Bishop Melvin Cartwright Hate Me Because Im Gay

I will never forget the day my uncle my Pastor my friend told me you cant be a openly gay directing the choir. I was so hurt how he said that I literally went into depression because what I love doing was taken away. He remove me from my post. The shade of it all he been knew I was gay and he hated I wanted to come out of the closet. He felt he cant let his nephew direct the choir with a demonic spirit. That was the end our father & son relationship and I told Bishop Melvin Cartwright I cant stay a member of True Church of Holiness. If I didnt have Jonathan Neal Flakes in my life I would have committed suicide. Due to his late night conversations I came to the conclusion I have so much to live for.


Samantha James was  Disrespectful To A Church??  

Today I saw on my Facebook timeline Samantha James the transgender woman, went to church she had to go to restroom and She used the women restroom not men, the problem one of the male church members asked to see her ID. And you can see in the video below Samantha James AKA Cookie Tookie goes off.