Arquez Making Moves

Arquez brand is strong he now have a warehouse to produce more shows for DoubleUTv. Arquez will be millionaire in the next five years. With his work ethic I can see that happening.


Video: Armon Wiggins & Marquise Crusoe


#Emmys Red Carpet 2017 

Eye Candy ‪@DariusLaVale ‬ Exclusive Pics 


Adult Entertainer ‘Tigger Redd’ will be Live on TheWileyShow This Thursday feature model Tigger Redd will be LIVE on The Wiley Show this Thursday at 10:30pm CT streaming LIVE on make sure you call in 646-716-8447 and ask some questions 

Donald Trump Just Release A New Ad Attacking Hillary Clinton


Voter Registration Deadline In Certain States Is Today

Today’s voter Registration deadlines 10-11-16

(Last day to register in the following states)

Indiana, Louisiana, New Mexico Pennsylvania, Texas, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee

Please go register to vote.

African Americans Responds To Donald Trump On Twitter 

Wow Donald Trump insulted African Americans during the debate. And now African Americans is attacking him on twitter. Check out the tweets below. 

The Media Attacks Donald Trump During The Debate 


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