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Every year, Hot 97’s Summer Jam is a moment to remember, with the year’s biggest acts performing on one stage in New York. But this year, there’s some more huge news.

On June 5th, Summer Jam will take place as usual at the MetLife Stadium in New York. Then on July 29th, Summer Jam goes International as it lands in Tokyo! The line up will consist of a mix of US artists and Japan’s artists and is big for all parties involved.

Will you make the journey?

Lil Kim Reveals Secrets About Biggie. 

 Lil Kim stop by DJ Flex to talk about biggie Smalls. It’s been 19 years since his death. She share some great memories of Biggie. But that face is too much for us……that makeup is too damn light and that wig OMG GIRL do u care about yout image or nah?? That wig is horrible!! KIM IF U THINK LOOKING LIKE PLAYSTATION ONE GRAPHICS IS CUTE THEN IDK WTF TO TELL U THIS AINT PROFESSIONAL U LIL FUCKING KIM STOP THE BULLSHIT! FOXY AND NICKI IS LAUGHING AT YOU! Love the interview but we cant take shit u saying seriously with that joke on top of your head ! Love u kim but girl…….. GET IT TOGETHER

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