Robert Kardashian Shut Up T.I. You Smashed Blac Chyna & Tiny Together 

Rob Kardashian is really on the attack he is spilling all tea on black chyna alleged affairs. Check out his IG posts below. 


Kim Kardashian Filed $5.6 Million Insurance Claim Days After Robbery

Days after she is said to have been robbed and held at gun point in Paris, Kim Kardashian filed a $5.6 million insurance claim.
Details on swift moves below…
13 items were stolen from the property she was staying in the city, totalling $5.6 million.
Five days later, before her fans learned of her bodyguard’s financial woes, she filed an insurance claim.
Said bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was guarding her sisters when the armed robbers forced the property’s concierge to her room.

He shared in an open letter:
Dear Kim: When you feel the cold steel of a gun at your neck, it is the moment when remaining calm can mean the difference of life or death, both our lives. I hope you are feeling better.



now some peoples comments on this pic are crazyyyyyy saying They’re in a public bathroom blah blah…….but to be honest  it looks like  they got y’all mad. so Goal accomplished, congrats America for once again falling into their trap. Y’all haters are the reason they’ll always win we LOVE IT! … at belmontradio got nothing to say shid they rich if u got the body why not show it off why do people care lol i dont think at this point kim gives a flying fuck what yall think u cant hate her for making it big for sucking and fucking on tape ….yall did it for free and cant get a text back and some of yall show your boobs on instagram and dont even put a scratch on  the internet …… this point this is her hussle  and she getting rich off of it ……….IF U GOT IT FLAUNT IT.


No matter how much Kim Kardashian wants to show she has changed over the years one thing is for sure ….her sex tape will always be a point of discussion. Ironically, almost a decade after its release a new book is claiming that she and her mom Kris Jenner are actually the masterminds behind the leak … can’t say we’re surprised can you?

Anyways according to Page Six, a new book entitled “Kardashian Dynasty” is spilling tea and it is alleging that the mommy/daughter duo had signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment back in 2007 to have the sex tape leak.

Ian Halperin, the book’s author, states that anonymous “adult film industry” source told him, “A mutual friend of Kim and Paris [Hilton] had advised her that if she wanted to achieve fame, a sex tape would be the way to go . . . Kim had discussed the idea of producing a tape with her family beforehand.”

To take it a step further, Halperin decided to do some digging of his own and posed as a person looking to sell a celebrity sex tape to Vivid. He’s says a spokesperson for the adult company then told him, “when it comes to . . . selling a sex tape, both parties need to sign off.” *Sips Tea*

The tea train didn’t end there either, the spokesperson also said that the reason why Kim’s tape became public was because

 “A third party brought it to Vivid . . . [We] got in touch with the Kardashian family.” She said they usually explain that it is likely a tape would leak anyway, and the celebrity wouldn’t get paid, “So why not work for us, and we’ll make sure that it will not only get out, but that it will be distributed the way you want.” The rep supposedly continued, “You’ll get a nice payment for it,” adding, “I can tell you right now. Kim Kardashian’s movie came out in ’07, and she’s made millions.”

Remember Kim did receive a $5 million settlement from Vivid because of the tape even though it was still released…. talk about a smart move.

The book is apparently set to be released on April 19th but a rep for Kim is denying that they had anything to do with the leak saying,  “All the assertions are false.”

Welp Karrine Steffans seems to tweet otherwise!

Mrs. Karrine Short Retweeted Page Six

Yes. And Ray J called to ask me if I thought it was a good idea & I was like…nah. She’s gonna get rich and you…

Mrs. Karrine Short added,

Well someone is definitely lying but who do you believe?


We’ve been following #ChyRo’s hunt for a reality show this year and it looks like they could reach a deal with Keeping Up With The Kardashians! The only catch is making sure those coins are right!

According to TMZ:

“Sources close to Chyna tell us she’s looking to meet with ‘KUWTK’ showrunners and negotiate a minor role on the show. Chyna thinks she knows the value of footage showing the relationship between her and Rob’s sisters, but she may be overestimating its worth … she wants $1 MILLION.”

Ooo chile that’s a lot of money! What’s more, TMZ alleges that Blac Chyna wants a non-exclusive contract, because she wants her own show.

At any rate, Blac Chyna needs to write a book on glow-ups, because she is officially the queen!! She is about to be getting that E! money!!
TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter!


For years there have been claims that Khlo Bear has had any type of cosmetic surgery and earlier this month, she explained her stance on the culture of plastic surgery. “I think people should get plastic surgery or fillers or lasers or whatever if they want it—,” she told Cosmopolitan. “That should be your own personal decision.” It wasn’t until this week’s episode of #KocktailsWithKhloe that Mrs. Odom confessed to ‘Botched’ plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow and his wife, Heather from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the procedures she’s had done. Let’s just say, she won’t be doing it again!
“Everyone says I’ve had my nose done and I swear I haven’t,” Khloe said. “I don’t know if it’s Botox or filler, [but] I did one of them and my whole face went numb and I could not make [an expression]. I had to dissolve everything … I looked crazy and I still think the effects are like, in there.” Khloe went on to explain how her “botched” procedure effected how she coped with Lamar’s overdose.
“I was so stressed out that the doctor was like, ‘I think it’s just that too much was happening to your real emotions,’” Khloe said. “And my face was so f**ked, I had to go and get this whole thing, like, dissolved. It was a bummer because now I’m afraid to do it again, but I swear, I think things are still in my face.”
Our whole thing is, you ain’t gotta lie, Craig! But by all means, get this E! money, girl!!


The Kardashian sisters, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe are being sued for a whopping $200 million and they could have avoided it all with a few tweets!
So apparently the trio’s makeup brand, “Kardashian Beauty,” formerly called “Khroma” back in 2012, got picked up by a savior company, Hillair Capital Management. They stepped in after the first business partner, Boldface, went belly up. Hillair’s first order of business was to buy out Boldface and put $10 million into the business.
Their only requirement of the sisters, in return of their gratitude and partnership, was to blast the virtues of “Kardashian Beauty” to their followers. Sounds pretty simple right?

Apparently not because they failed to do so and now Hillair wants its $10 million PLUS what they would have profited had the girls held up their end of the deal — $180 million.
It could all be so simple!