Kirk Myers 50th Birthday Celebration Details Tweet + Melonie Will Be In Attendance

It’s Official!!! Tweet and Melonie Fiona are two of our very special guests for 50 & Free!

This is a FREE event but RSVP is required! Register now for your free ticket while supplies last!

The host is requesting you come in all BLACK or all WHITE

Happy Birthday Kirk Myers!


YIKES: Armon Wiggins Has Been Fired By The Creator Marquise Wiley

Hello My Loves,

I come to you this day with some unfortunate news. The Bull Shit Bell” Show has been cancelled. My Dear brother Armon Wiggins and I have agreed to part ways due to differences of opinions.

At the height of my career and while my brother Armon Wiggins was at a flatline, Armon Wiggins presented me with the idea of duo talk show “The Bull Shit Bell”

The Show was an instant hit. Caller after Caller mentioning “Wiley, Wiley, Wiley” Rather you love me or hate me you are tuning in getting your life from The Wiley Show creator & The Bull Shit Bell creator Marquise Wiley.

My brother Armon Wiggins caught wind. I’m going just say my brothers and sisters is a Kane & Able, Crabs in a barrel situation and leave it at that. So this morning I am officially announcing The Wiley Show presents The Bull Shit Bell Show.

Video: Armon Wiggins & Marquise Crusoe


Clip of Armon Wiggins & Marquise Crusoe New Show

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