Urban Socialite ‘Ditty’ Got A New Boo ‘Scott Floyd’


Eye Candy ‘BurnieTheBadGuy’

Eye Candy Thursday “SoDitty”

Kirk Myers 50th Birthday Celebration Details Tweet + Melonie Will Be In Attendance

It’s Official!!! Tweet and Melonie Fiona are two of our very special guests for 50 & Free!

This is a FREE event but RSVP is required! Register now for your free ticket while supplies last!

The host is requesting you come in all BLACK or all WHITE


Happy Birthday Kirk Myers!

Eye Candy @forever_mistah

Video: LGBT Rapper Aki Bell Still Beefing With The Freaky Boiz


Derrick Berry Told Wiley Show To Delete His Jackd Account Before They Made Love


I was so young in the gay scene in Chicago IL, Derrick Berry hit me up on Jackd one day and hit me up for sex, and after 15 seconds I said yeah send me your address and Derrick Berry did just that. So I entered his beautiful condo and he told me before I got into the condo good he said to delete your jackd because I don’t want people knowing WE ARE IN THE SAME PLACE TOGETHER HAVING SEX. I complied because I really want to suck his uncut DICK. IT WAS ONLY LIKE A 5 MIN ORAL SESSION BECAUSE he NUTTED my HEAD IS GOLDEN. I was jagging off SO I can nut and he ordered me TO LET MY NUT TO TOUCH HIS BODY. Call in 646-716-8447 for more to the story.





Exclusive: Chasing Atlanta Editor An’Darrio J. Abrams Hated Just Nico From Day One And Got Him Fired


A close source from Just Nico team said An’Darrio J. Abrams current editor of Chasing Atlanta hated former executive Producer Just Nico from day one. The source said Nico came on board trying to make the show into Little Women of Atlanta because of his relationship with lifetime. An’Darrio J. Abrams and production team allegedly had a meeting about Nico future on Chasing Atlanta An’Darrio said during the meeting according to my source that he will not continue to work with Nico and Nico replied with this statement I don’t want to work with a low budget editor and due to extreme pressure according to my source Kevon Burns had to pick who will stay and he pick   An’Darrio to stay on board and Just Nico was given his walking papers.

VIDEO: Fly Young Red Attack The Wiley Show


Fly Young Red is on a campaign to destroy The Wiley Show he is calling him through a third party Armon Wiggins. Due to the extreme words from Fly Young Red audio recording has been captured of Fly Young Red check it out below.

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