Promoter Kirk Myers Won’t Hire LGBT Music Artists For Juneteenth Unity Festival and Pool Party 2018. Instead He Booked Trina & Tank

kirk myers

Chief Executive officer of Abounding Prosperity is not opening up the doors for local LGBT artists in Dallas artist like Donald Kerry Stanciell aka Kerry Dimg_4006-2 The Host of The Wiley Show, Marquise Wiley, reached out to Kirk Myers via Instagram direct messages Jan 2018 with a message saying I have an idea for Juneteenth and Kirk Myres replied and responded to my email. kirk1

Marquise Wiley complied. Kirk Myers in a joking tone ignored Marquise Wiley but still allowed him to send messages on Instagram, but didn’t book any of the artists he sent to him. Damien Crawford, Larry Carter, Sony Cobain, Rocc Garcon, Melli B and Bry’Nt.


Kirk responded I don’t know them send me their social media pages and Marquise Wiley complied and did just that.






Kirk Myers continued to send in his requests and Marquise Wiley complied. As of today, Kirk Myers didn’t book any of those LGBT artists Marquise Wiley sent to him. Artists that Kirk Myers booked are female MC Trina and male R&B Singer Tank.  Kirk Myers has been an advocate for the LGBT community in Dallas for many years; he has the power to help the community or hurt it.  He has helped many people in the LGBT community but he needs to do a better job and use government funding to help LGBT talent like Kerry D, DariYus, Damien Crawford, Bry’Nt the rapper, Fly Young Red, Davi Akei, The Freaky Boiz, Cakes Da Killer, Just Nico From Little Women of Atlanta & others.



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