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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, then you know that pop legend #MariahCarey is getting married to businessman, James Packer! She showed off her nugget of an engagement ring to Style Magazine, saying coyly, “I try not to take things for granted.” Aside from the talk surrounding her huge engagement ring, Carey has remained tight-lipped about her impending wedding…until she spoke to Style Magazine! She says that after she returns from her tour, Vegas residency and filming for her reality show, she will begin planning the wedding!

Why so soon, though? The diva extraordinaire then explained just why she’s rushing to the alter and her answer will probably surprise you. “I am very traditional,” the singer said. “I have babies, it’s more appropriate. I don’t know if most people can relate to that, but that’s just how I feel.” Carey said even less about her hubby-to-be as she’s choosing a different approach this time around. “If I start talking about this relationship, people will interpret it in their own way, so I think it’s safer for everyone involved to just not talk about the very personal aspect.”

We look forward to this reality show, though. I can only imagine how much shade Miss Mimi will throw at the camera!

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