Did You Miss It? @DariusLaVale The ICON Kidd Admits Doing Drug, Escorting & More

Former Adult Entertainer Darius LaVale AKA The Icon Kidd went on my show and admitted of doing drugs, don’t considered himself being a drug addict check out the interview below. 


#Emmys Red Carpet 2017 

Eye Candy ‪@atlversingit ‬

Eye Candy Deangelo Jackson ‪@MarqDB ‬

Former Porn Superstar Remy Mars Never Got Paid $15,000 To Have Sex On Camera

What happened to Remy Mars nobody knows. But I did a little digging he never got a $15,000 contract like Rico Pruitt. On average allegedly he only got paid like $800 to $900 a scene. Let’s not forget how he had to get fuck raw by multiple men. I wish Remy Mars the best. 

Taking Penis In The Booty (Hurts) 

I fuck a lot of people and they always tell me taking dick hurts but it feels good. What’s your 💭 

Is Tumblr The New Backpage ??????