Chasing Dallas Reality Show Spin Off To Chasing Atlanta In The Works ??

Rumors are circling around Atlanta & Dallas that the producers of Chasing Atlanta wants to expand the Chasing Reality brand by shooting a reality show in Dallas Tx. That is what Dallas Tx need some entertainment already I am hearing rumors that Kirk Myers, Jonathan Ford, Jonathan Flakes, Greg Gipson and Chasing Atlanta Season 1 reunion Host Ressie G is rumored to be on the show. I just hope the rumors are true I will keep you updated as I get more tea on Chasing Dallas Reality Show.


Wiley Thoughts: Chasing Atlanta Cast Episode 1 & 2 #ChasingAtlanta

Chasing Atlanta is back with entertainment & drama . I watched both first and second episodes and I was extremely entertained by the story lines. I am loving Jaylon Aaron story line of being a boss, her character never disappoints. Cameron my Chicago friend story line of battling colon cancer was hurtful to watch because he such a sweet guy. Erick another Chicago native I am really not feeling him he lack personality. I really hope he grow on me.

Devon is back to proved a point that he is a chef but the cast was reading his cooking skills i.e. Jaylon said that Devon food at last year cabin trip was nasty lol. Devon is in a relationship this season but his boyfriend already giving me bad vibes from the YouTube screen. Devon look amazing this season I hope to see him whoop up a good ole fashion dish. New cast member Guardini aka Rick Ross gay sister so messy he have already start dissing out rumors that his best friend fucking Devon and he cant cook, and saying Devon working multiple jobs.

New cast member Q Harris is one of my favorite, he is giving me sweetness and boldness radio personality and television host. He seem like he just on the show to expand his band which is a great. Skye story line is dear to me because he came on The Wiley Show and he is explaining this season his beef with Little Women Of Atlanta star Nico and why they stop work. Check out their TheWileyShow appearance below.



Kenya Moore’s Ex-Boyfriend Wants Her Back… Allegedly

'Unnecessary Trouble ' Video Debut Party

In between selling tummy teas and sharing photos of her Atlanta home, Kenya Moore recently went on vacation. The reality star traveled to a Mexican resort to celebrate Memorial Day. And while there, she couldn’t resist taking a backside pool photo, with her butt perched every-so-slightly.

Well, apparently, this photo stirred up feelings from her ex and short-lived boyfriend, Matt Jordan. The pair went public with their relationship on the last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Jordan, an Atlanta-based personal trainer, was quick to defend Moore, who regularly stirred up drama.

But soon after the season ended, they broke up— messy.

As reported by TMZ, Kenya locked herself in their hotel room, but Matt got mad and “kicked the door in and broke it.” When he got in, the argument got more heated — he repeatedly called her “bitch” and “c***”… according to our sources.

They were told they actually flew back to Atlanta on the same flight, but Kenya changed their seats. Once they landed, Matt grabbed her luggage … and to avoid a scene, Kenya went back to her place in a separate car from Matt. But things blew up again when he showed up to her house and dumped her bag on the driveway, and that was it.

Despite the drama, Jordan apparently wants Moore back. “Too often we don’t know what we have until it’s gone… Too often we wait to long to say I’m sorry, I WAS WRONG…!! #goal #wifey #queen #MINE,” he said on Instagram captioned under the aforementioned pool picture.

If we can be 1000 percent honest: This all seems like a game. Moore, on more than one occasion, has convinced men to pose as her boyfriend for the cameras —and arguably her self-esteem (or lack there of). And while this pair claim to have been so in love, it’s incredibly odd that every photo —stock image or original— of Kenya on Jordan’s page has the hashtag #RHOA.

Promotional material? We thinks so.

Listen, Kenya and Matt may really have a genuine thing going on. And they may want to work it out. But if there’s any authenticity to their relationship, they’ll do it off camera.


For a few weeks now, there have been reports that Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have been going through a rough patch in their marriage. Rumors ramped up when Cynthia and her daughter Noel were noticeably absent from Peter’s daughter’s wedding last weekend.

But, I mean, what married couple doesn’t go through bad times? It’s normal, however, Cynthia spoke to Reality Checked with Amy Philips where she confirmed that their marriage is not in an ideal place at the moment while also admitting that she doesn’t “know what’s gonna happen” to her marriage with Peter.

“At the finale, what you guys saw, we were definitely at a better place,” she said. “I will say that Peter and I are not in a great place right now. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I usually have all the answers for all the questions, but when it comes to my marriage, I just don’t know right now. I just know that it’s not good right now.”

We’re so sorry to hear this, Cynthia, but you guys will get through it! Love brought you into this and it can take you out!

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