Video: Remy Ma Feat Lil Kim – Wake Me Up


Nicki Minaj Shoots Remy Ma Diss Video In London

Nicki Minaj‘s time in Europe has been productive to say the least.
Following a wild time in Paris, the rapper set sail for England where- much to the delight of the millions who adore her in the market- she is shooting the visual for her Remy Ma response cut ‘No Frauds.’
Ready to catch your first look at the video?
Watch below…

remy ma on the gram…….looking a fool!

Somebody Tell Remy MA Her Hair Line Is ALL THE WAY UP….girl and that side braid or whatever it is …NO GIRL.

Do u see it for Remy Ma??

Now she calls herself the queen of ny …….

BUT DO U REALLY SEE IT FOR REMY MA?….like foreal remy is a beast !! But do u think shes the queen??……we dont see her as the queen but she deff is a problem and after that verse on her new single with fat joe from there collab album called “All the way up” we could say she went the fuck off!

Do we think she lyrically better then nicki minaj ?….YES  but queen of ny ?? ……nah that still has yet to be seen . but looking good rem we always thought u was a big ass dike that ate the box…but u an pap seem to be going strong …..wonder how the sex is cause remy seems all butch lol but anyway we still waiting to see beat sombody ass pull a gun out on sombody or get yo ass beat cuz rem  talks the most shit in them songs we waiting to see it!! But yea….

Your thoughts ??