During my interview with Chasing Dallas King Cain he admit to the world he had sex with Cameron. Advertisements

Duchess Kelly Love Lost 300 Subscribers In One Day Due To J Wilson Meet Up (EXCLUSIVE)

Many reports I am getting that allegedly Duchess Kelly Love lost 300 subscribers in one day. Many of his former subscribers I talk to is extremely upset that he met with J Wilson. One of his day ones told me quote “Duchess got played by J Wilson I can’t support him anymore” Duchess Kelly Love […]

Wiley Show In Talks Of Doing A $ex Tape With Andreas The Gre8t (EXCLUSIVE)

It’s my dream to work with Andreas In the nude. I am writing this post to let him know.

J Wilson Was Catfish That Why He Was Force Out The Closet Allegedly (EXCLUSIVE RECEIPTS)

Allegedly J Wilson was catfish that’s why he came out of closet a couple months ago check out the emails below Here is the text message between J Wilson & the guy catfish him

Fyebabe Is Now Using Her Child For Superchat & Cash Apps Donations (EXCLUSIVE)

The gofundme Fyebabe raised for a lawyer is gone according to my sources she spent it on personal expenses. Fyebabe now is using her child for sympathy, money and views.

J Wilson Doesn’t Care About Castro Cannon (Exclusive)

The DL preacher aka got catfish at 50 years old allegedly doesn’t care about Castro Cannon. He is already trying to contact him for an exclusive interview. Catfish 50 years old need to focus on those paying those mortgage payments on time. Also he need to take a break from YouTube because he look extremely […]