Shawn Bradley Totally Is Against Fyebabe LIES HE Stands With The Wiley Show

I would like to say Shawn Bradley is my brother it admire his courage to defend me and be on my side regrading this Fyebabe matter. Shout to his audience club chat The Wiley Show love the fact y’all defending us in this matter. Advertisements

Did You Miss It? @DariusLaVale The ICON Kidd Admits Doing Drug, Escorting & More

Former Adult Entertainer Darius LaVale AKA The Icon Kidd went on my show and admitted of doing drugs, don’t considered himself being a drug addict check out the interview below. 

VIDEO: Stahr Milan Admitted He Had Sex With His Gay Kids King Milan & Tahj Milan

Youtube blogger Stahr Milan did a interview with The Wiley Show and he drop a bomb shell. Wiley asked him did he have sex with his gay kids and he said Yes. And added that he had a threesome with them as well. To listen to the shocking interview Watch it here: